Fireside Chat: Unveiling Growth by Ketan Chhatpar, Co-founder at Clue Hunt

Date of Event: 12th December 2020

In December 2020, Ketan came on-board with Xpert Marketing School’s Fireside Chat to discuss ‘Disruptive Growth Marketing’ through use of emerging technologies with 28 cohorts.

The key highlights of the Fireside Chat were as follows:

The Occasion:

The event was an exclusive fireside chat which was organized on behalf of Xpert Marketing School. It was a two-hour event that was hosted on a Zoom session by Xpert’s founder Sharad Lunia. The talk was attended by 28 cohorts who were all part of the B2B and B2C programmes.

The Fireside Chat:

The session began with Ketan introducing himself to the audience and then he went on to discuss the concept of innovation and the role it plays in the marketing industry and in the growth of a business. He then went on to talk about the various innovations and trends that have been introduced in the marketing industry over the years.

He went on to explain that the marketing industry has been constantly innovating to reach out to the masses and to keep up with the changing times. He further stressed on the fact that in today’s world, technology has become a necessity and, therefore, marketers need to learn how to leverage technology to reach out to their customers. He also discussed the various technologies that are available and how the marketers can use them to their advantage.

He also enlightened the audience about the various emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Computer Vision and how they can be used by the marketers.

The Agenda:

1. Disruptive Growth Marketing: A new paradigm for growth

2. What it takes to be a Disruptive Growth Marketer

3. How can new technology be leveraged for the success of growth strategy

4. Future of personalisation, social media, and digital marketing

5. How to get started on a Disruptive Growth marketing journey

Ketan elaborated on each of the above:

1. Disruptive Growth Marketing: A new paradigm for growth

Ketan started by providing a brief overview of the current marketing landscape and how it is transforming. There are over 2.3 billion internet users and over 3.1 billion mobile internet users in the world today, with the latter expected to reach 4.8 billion by 2021. This is being driven by the growing trend of the mobile-first internet users, who are primarily in developing countries.

With the growing influence of social media and big data, more and more businesses are adopting the concept of Growth Marketing.

2. What it takes to be a Disruptive Growth Marketer

Disruptive Growth marketers are people who can take advantage of these emerging technologies to drive growth. These individuals understand the importance of identifying a problem and solving it.

At this point, Ketan showed a case study of how he was able to use technology to increase sales for a company.

3. How can new technology be leveraged for the success of growth strategy

Ketan shared how he was able to target a specific audience using emerging technologies. He was able to reach the right people at the right time in the right place.

4. Future of personalisation, social media, and digital marketing

Ketan shared his view on the future of personalisation, social media, and digital marketing. There are three factors that will drive the growth of digital marketing:

First, the increasing ubiquity of mobile devices and the fact that their battery will last for a longer time. This means that people will have access to the internet at all times, and will be able to pay attention to advertisements as well.

Second, adoption of social media. This is also driven by the fact that Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms are growing in popularity.

Third, the increasing number of online shoppers. People will be spending more money online and the increasing number of mobile users will drive this trend forward.

5. How to get started on a Disruptive Growth marketing journey

Ketan advised the audience to start with a problem that they would like to solve. This is because, it is easier to solve a problem than to create a solution.

He also advised the audience to use technology to gather data. This will help them make more effective decisions.

Application of concepts:

Speaking at the event, Ketan said, “The technology is rapidly evolving and it is transforming the way we do business. It is important for marketers to not only understand the technology but then how to apply them to gain edge over the competitors.”

Application of concepts is B2B / B2C / D2C marketing was discussed. Some of them were as follows:

• IOT – Use Internet of Things (IoT) to create a new market, different competition and incremental growth to a company.

• AI – Personalize the customer experience, Voice interfaces to reduce inbound call volumes and reduce customer drop outs, face and voice recognition for optimising targeting.

• ML – Execute better advertising (programmatic), Automate tasks and make them more efficient. Predictive analytics to go beyond existing customers to acquire new customers.

• Big Data – Searching and analysing social media data to identify which consumers to target and how to reach out, drive better campaign measurement, understand a customer’s behavior, customer journey mapping and customer churn analysis

• BI – Creating customer-specific marketing segments to target

• Blockchain – Using blockchain to offer shared ownership of the customer across an organization, Build trust, transfer information in a secure, fast and efficient way.

• AR/VR/MR – Use AR, VR, MR to create a new market, different competition, incremental growth to a company.

After this, he shared some Dos and Don’ts for Disruptive Growth Marketing:


1. Do create a problem statement and identify a solution

2. Do look for a problem that is big enough to solve

3. Do create a growth strategy

4. Do create a minimum viable product

5. Do use your existing resources

6. Do use the resources and networks of your employees and friends

7. Do keep yourself abreast of the latest technologies

8. Do create a marketing plan

9. Do gather user feedback

10. Do build a strong relationship with your customers

11. Do create a feedback loop

Do Nots:

1. Do not work alone

2. Do not forget to give back

3. Do not ignore the little things

4. Do not neglect the power of social media

The Outcome :

Ketan concluded by sharing some personal experiences and insights, and provided an audience Q&A session.

In conclusion, Ketan spoke about how the marketing landscape is changing, and advised the audience to be proactive in learning about new technologies. He also shared his personal insights on the industry, and provided his advice for the audience.

The audience consisted of 28 cohorts studying at Xpert Marketing School. All the cohorts appeared to be very interested in the topic of the talk and asked a lot of questions.

The event was very successful. The 28 cohorts who attended the event were very enthusiastic and interested in the topic. They thoroughly enjoyed the talk and they seemed to have learned a lot through the conversation.