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Xpert was born out of need, survived because of its value, and only grows with more and more promising brands entrusting us.

So in the last 1 year, we had spoken to over 700+ brands. We knew their challenges. We wanted to help.

With the advent of the pandemic, we saw dreams proper into beautiful brands that people loved. While some survived and are struggling, some gave in to defeat pretty early. We wanted to be there to help these brands not only survive but grow exponentially. 

However good our intentions were, we could not champion this need alone. We could not solve it immediately. We had help. The D2C fraternity experts, investors, and partners came forward to help us in this mission of helping D2C brands scale with the best of expertise.

Not being cliche, but like Rome, we too were not built in a day.  It took many failures and experiments and most importantly the right aid from these folks to be where we are today. Here’s what we made together:

First-ever D2C school with marketing experts from top 25+ brands from the country, 150 promising brands as students each quarter,  a 5-star rated shark tank event, an amazing D2C community and most importantly a place wherein D2C brands shared their challenges and joys unfiltered with us. Yes, it was worth all the pain and would have been impossible with support.

We want to champion brands that we believe in the same way these D2C experts did for us, to keep this chain of gratitude going.

As much as we need money to keep the Xpert program running. It could not or never be the end goal. We grow when our brands grow.

Therefore we introduced the Xpert D2C Fellowship program.

Wherein we offer a flat upto Rs 10,000 scholarship to 8 chosen brands, who might have an apprehension to join our D2C growth squad because of the fees.


  • The brand must be less than 2 yrs old.
  • Should have less than 5 employees.

We do not want our fees to wallow away promising brands. We are confident that we have the understanding, ecosystem, and expertise to help D2C brands make that big leap. We wish to help brands today so that we could be proud of their success later.

We hope this fellowship encourages more and more D2C founders to make the extra mile ahead rather than giving up. You can and the entire Xpert fraternity is here to help you through.

Application for Scholarship:

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